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Pelecas Country Club is an 18th century estate converted into a luxury hotel with all modern amenities. The estate is located on grounds covering an area of 50 acres, which totally remove the visitor from the hustle and bustle of modern-day Corfu. Still, all the tourist industry trappings, should one wish to indulge, are only 8 kilometres away. The west coach beaches, are even closer, at just 4 kilometres.

The estate includes the large old summer home, which has now been converted to includes the dining room, plus three more buildings which used to house the stables, the olive presses and the warehouses.Each apartment or studio has in-suite bathrooms and kitchenettes, TV, direct-dial phone, central heating, private veranda, hair-dryer and unique for each room antique furniture.

Complementing the accommodation quarters, is the Reception Building, which also includes a bar. This is located at the entrance to the estate, next to the swimming pool and the tennis courts.

The Country Mansion is the Main Building of the Pelecas Country Club, including the Presidential Suite and the Dining Room. Next to the Dining Room is a Winter Recreation room, where guests can relax playing card and board games.

The Larione Complex of Pelecas Villas Cofu Greece includes the Larione Suite and four more apartments. The complex was named after the Italian former foreman of the estate. It opens out on the meadows that spread out from the complex. The windows of the Suite look over the lovely, well-designed flower gardens of Pelecas Villas Cofu Greece.

The Olive Press Complex of the Pelecas Villas Cofu Greece includes two suites, two superior studios and one studio, all conveniently located across the driveway from the swimming pool / bar / reception complex. The restored and converted old building that now houses the suite and the four studios used to function as the Olive Press of the estate --whence the name.
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